Proof Of Performance!

  • Our forex trader shows an 82%+ win rate! Which also means an 18% loss rate.
  • The performance figures show an average growth of 5% per month (including the losses) with an 11% drawdown.
  • 15% ROI per month – Our Master Account runs on three times the risk compared to the trader so we get three times the profit.
  • Our forex trader has not yet had a losing month.
  • Best month 39.84% (13.28%*3)
  • Worst Month 2.49% (0.83%*3)

Verified, Authenticated Live Results

How do we know if live results are real?

Myfxbook is an independent third party who can verify live trading results. So, if we can see myfxbook data (with the correct verification), then we can be as sure as possible that the results are true.

So, how do you know if the myfxbook data has been verified? Simple, just look for the two green ticks above the graph (see left). So, once you know that the data is accurate, does that mean we will get those profits going forward? No, we are using historical data to try to predict the future. If the future conditions are similar to the past conditions, then we will probably get similar results.

Below you can find two things:

  1. The myfxbook results for our trader click here.
  2. The myfxbook results for our Master Account (3x higher) click here.